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From the Bones of Old Horses

This project will be a graphic novel: an autobiography of Prussian Blue. 'From the bones of old horses' follows Blue on a journey of self-discovery; blending fiction and fact to tell their story from laboratory ‘birth’ through history to present day – landing on moments where they are the unwitting catalyst for social change.

The idea combines my work in design, academia and art. I have created a 12 page zine as a proof of concept for this piece which was long-listed for the LDC 2021 Comics Award. Below is a sample of this work in progress.

Chapter 2 p4.jpg

“But who knows what good might come from the least of us?

From the bones of old horses is made the most beautiful Prussian Blue.”

   –Joy Williams

The ideas in this sample of work are likely to end up in a middle chapter of the future book. We'll have met Blue before. Here, he's popping up in Victorian England, thanks to the scientific work of Hershel and the invention of photography. Blue will meet Anna Atkins who created the first photographically illustrated scientific text book using Herschel's cyanotype process. (NB: several of these pages have a transparent sheet overlay).
Chapter 1 p2.jpg
Chapter 1 p3.jpg
Chapter 1 p4.jpg
Chapter 1 p6.jpg
Chapter 1 p7.jpg
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