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Rebecca Vassie Trust

The Rebecca Vassie Trust is a charitable organisation supporting the art of long-form narrative photography, and promoting education in and through photography for emerging professionals, young people and the broader public.

The Trust was set up following the tragic death of the British photographer and photojournalist Rebecca Vassie, aged 30, while on assignment in Uganda in 2015. The Trust is inspired by the drive Beccy had to capture under-represented human stories and her struggle to get the work she saw as important into the public arena. We provide platforms and support to make and share new work, from new perspectives, on important human issues, while developing practitioners’ craft and public appreciation.

Beccy was also an advocate for equality and diversity in the arts. We echo this passion through our education work with the public to grow skills, develop alternative viewpoints, and give new methods of visual communication to all. You can support us here.

Through the Rebecca Vassie Memorial Award we fund a new photo essay. Projects have explored an Islamic minority in Israelsocial deprivation in Glasgow and the role of therapy in post-genocide Rwanda. Our latest award has been won by Laura Page for her project ‘The Hidden Depths’, shining a fresh light on Britain’s oldest generation.

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